Sometimes Comfortable and Sometimes Not

8:32 AM

This time I will write about the comfort of my own home on my own. actually not much I can write because it is included in privacy.
Writing is also a little different this time. I write with the English language. but that does not mean my english good. My english is not so good but I always try to put it into practice in my daily. So if my writing in the English language there is something wrong, please let me know.
Okay, I'll start the story.

"HOME". What can you expect from that word? Of course a lot of things you can imagine. Well how about we take one example. I'll affirmed, HOUSE usually associated with comfort which is owned by the occupants of the house. People, homes, and comfort. I think three words are related. Homes that will be occupied by a person, surely he will make the house look comfortable. Least comfortable for himself.

So am I.. I'm trying to make my house feel comfortable to me. And I got it. And I let it go. Huft, so many things can I do to make my house comfortable. Yep, all the things that could happen if I possessed their own homes. In fact, I still live with my parents.

When my parents was still working, I find comfort in the home but the amenities are lacking. Because at that time I was a kid and still do not understand the words "comfort of home"

You know, is still a lot I want to tell about this but at the time I write this I get a bottleneck. The obstacle is the business college. A week ago I remember about writing that this is still stored in the draft. I want to move on but I've been trying to remember what I want to write here. I remember 2 days and no results. So, I decided to continue with this kind of explanation. I forgot what I wanted to write before. And I've decided to post that in not too long in my

 draft. I apologize for my forgetfulness on my own writing this.

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