I'm Gonna Miss You

4:54 PM

I don't know what my feel is feeling when my mom ask my uncle to take care of my cats at this morning.
My mom and I feel like something  missing when I decided to give my cats to my uncle.
Instead of my mom and I don't love anymore or doesn't want it anymore. But My mom and I has a bussiness that sometimes there is no time to play with them.

Oke, I'll tell you from the began .... 

At first I only have one cat. My mom took the kitten from our neighbor who wanted to leave to the street. Then my mom picked it up and brought it back to our home. After school I was informed and allowed to keep the cat by my mom. My mom said "look brought a chair". Then I gave her name "Charla". I got from character of a Japanese anime. I really love her but I and she didn't have much time to be together. After about a month he died of illness.

R.I.P Charla

After a few weeks I took care "Charla", My aunt gave me a kitten. Because my aunt's house is far away, so she left it at my granny's house and my dad and I will pick it up at my granny's house. After arrived at my house. My mom gave him name "Charlo" or I like to call him "alloo" or "lolo". I'm very grateful to God given time to spend time with Charlo.

2 months later after I have Charlo, neighbors gave the kitten to my mom. I forgot between my mom or I who gave her name. Clearly her name is "Katty". Katty had lived with me almost 4 years. But this morning when my uncle came, my mom asked him to took care Katty, because my mom and I fear couldn't take good care. Now she's at my uncle's house. I was very sad to have to part with it. Plus my uncle stayed with me a different city. But this afternoon I got a message from my uncle wife's, it turns out she is very dear to my cats. 

Within 2 months after my neighbors gave Katty, I also took the kitten again at home other neighbors. I just named her "Charla", just like my old kitten. The reason I gave the same name because their have the same of fur's color. And I also hope that she can replace my first kitten. Although actually between the old "Charla" and the new "Charla" which has different properties. She was just as katty and Charlo, is almost 4 years old stay with me. But she also like katty living at home my uncle. I really miss them but I am also glad they are in the care of my uncle's wife as well.

Now only Charlo that I have and I'll take care of him with love. 
I hope Katty and Charla will be fine and happy at my uncle's house. 
Wait for me and i'll go there if i had free time with my mom.

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