Smoke Everywhere

12:04 PM

Ouch!! Please I can't take a breathe.

Throughout my city going up in smoke because of forest fires.
Schools in my town now began to dismiss students because of the smoke that disrupt activity.
Just imagine that, when you wake up in the morning, the fresh air in the morning now changed with the smoke so as to out perform morning activities required to wear a mask.
Not only in the morning, late in the evening it returned fumes enveloped my town.

Not only my town who experience this kind of air pollution. There are several other cities such as Jambi and Riau. Almost the entire Kalimantan also experienced such events in my town.
I was furious with it. I mean such air pollution is arguably already become an annual event in the province of Sumatra and Kalimatan. I've been very frustrated with all of this is causing a lot of people who have diseases such as acute respiratory infection and a prolonged drought. Temperatures increasingly heated allows us to dehydration. Therefore I suggest using a mask when being active outside the home and do not forget to drink water in order to multiply prevented from dehydration.

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