Necklaces and Shoes

2:48 PM

Do you believe I would share about it for a second time? Yes believe it or not but this what happens.

Okay, I'm really consfused which part I wanted to tell you first. 

Lemme take a time to think. . . . . Ouh yeah . . . uh uh uh . . . . yeaaaaahhhh . . . . (the expression)

I think one of the reason why I'm became to be girly because the influence of my age and some of my friends.


1. Necklace
I prefer to wear necklace than bracelet or ring or earrings. I usually wear a simple necklace made of seeds or beads. I don't wanna look to excessive when wearing necklace. I would also choose colors that are darker that the bright because I like it and also can wear it for all the time at every moment with whatever outfit I wear. 

My Favorite Necklace

2. Shoes
I still wear sneakers and still the best shoes that make me comfortable. But I have to be honest, a few ago I bought a flat shoes. Although I often wear them but sometimes I waer them to go to college.
Here are shoes that I mean:
Sorry I can't take a picture of my shoes because it was so dirty and ashamed to show it. I've share about that shoes in a old posted. (Cek into "It's Time!!!!" if you want to know)I ever wore this shoes in college but not longer.
I wear it when hang out with my family or my friends (sometimes I still wear sneakers).

Okay, next! Haha I bought this shoes just because my brother's wedding. Of course, I ear this shoes only for special events and maybe I only wear at the wedding. There is no futher explanation.

Taddaaaaaa .... !!!! This is my new and my first flat shoes. I bought this a week ago. I don't know just wanna have one like this. haha no more explanation.

Yep, That all and BYE

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