I'm Not a Doctor !!!!

10:58 PM

I'm not a medical student
I'm not a student in the medical field
I haven't worked in hospital or other medical

I'm just a economic student

I'm never wanted to be a doctor is no sense
Psychologists are exception if you assume that including the medical field

I had a friend who always asked me when she had a medical problem. Even for first aid measures she prefers to ask me than directly to a doctor or hospital or health clinic near her home. In fact it wasn't a problem as I know but also it would be good keep in mind that the way it should consult the experts was necessary. Because I could be wrong or inaccurate in providing solutions, look at my background isn't from the medical field. In one side I also I'm enjoy it, when my friend asked or consulted about health issues because of that, I should expand my knowledge had about a medical procedure (in general I usually read of the article). But I will not deny that from my solution was a mistake. 

So far the medical knowledge that I know well isn't deep stuff but only general knowledge, I think if you read the article will knew it too. I don't know why my friend can be more confident asking me about than health experts. And she also knew that if I wasn't an expert and my solutions could be wrong at any time. I also been had to persuade my friend to go to a doctor when she was ill. Even when her mother asked her to see a doctor, she deny that if it wasn't from me who asked, funny isn't? I instead didn't like it when someone asked for my medical, but if for second opinion it isn't a problem but if it's something that is believed to be, I doubt with that. The problem is when it's asked that's I've never seen, I need to know to find out in advance. I told my friend not to believe everything I provide health solutions but she told me I was her personal physician instead. To be honest, I was frightened by the statement.

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