Fried Bananas and The kitchen Towels

10:58 PM

This is the story when me and dad in the afternoon did a bet for the ridiculous guesses we made. For the stakes we do not really did because its seems unethical to do between father and daughter (son). Well, this is the story begin . . . .

On Saturday afternoon at that time, as usual I spent time in my room with random activities. At that time also I was hungry so I decided to left the room to look for snacks that I could ate. Apparently when I left the room, mom was making fried bananas and I helped her too. Yeah help with just looking around, hehe. Just as I was just watching her, she asked me to get some kitchen towels. So, without delayed, I took it in a closet storage goods for the kitchen but it have been stock out. I also told mom that the kitchen towels have been stock out. She was just silent while continuing to cook. But just because I was curious, so I went to dad sitting on the porch and asked him about the kitchen towels stock to make sure it completely discharged. Hmm, why I asked this to dad because only him who likes to buy the kitchen towels.

Well, here's the part that I think is funny. By the time I checked for the first time, actually I had seen the kitchen towels but I thought it was just an empty pack. At that time dad responded with the confidence that it really out of stock. Then I asked again the same thing for a second time to make sure. And dad said,
"if it have been stock, I've used it when I was cooking for lunch but it really out of stock and I haven't had time to but it."

Hear that I also feeling fun to answer by saying,
"Are you sure, dad? What if it is in stock?"
 "Yeah, if the kitchen paper towels is in stock, please use it.", his replied.

I was even more feeling fun. So I said,
" Well, fine if you think like that. What if the kitchen towels is in stock? You gimme IDR 50.000?"

Dad also said otherwise if the kitchen towels is out of stock then I'll give him IDR 50.000. That was the first time I've seen dad pretty sure of the bet I made. I felt like I was going to give him IDR 50.000 because of dad's confidence. After that we were together checked the closet to make sure. Honestly I'm a little worried if I lose. To make sure I touched the kitchen towels that I thought was just an empty pack. Evidently it was the last stock of the kitchen towels we had at the time. He was just silent and didn't say anything until we both laughed and I celebrated the victory by charging. Dad refused to paid me because he didn't mean it and it was just a joke.

I still charge while laughing. Suddenly mom came over us from the kitchen with a fried bananas and said that she already knew that the kitchen towels is in stock but she prefer to be quiet and let us make a bet.

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